Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adios, Taco Bell

Wee Laddie slept in ‘til after 8am this morning. How is it that going to bed earlier makes a young child sleep longer? I don’t get it, but it’s true. We had our usual brunch and headed up to Würzburg. Wee Laddie has been asking for cheesy potatoes for days.

Today, Wee Laddie has decided to begin calling us by our first names. He started off mostly using just Guitarman’s but by the end of the day was also calling me O-tay. The funny thing is that when he does that, he says our names like a gazillion times. Pretty much every sentence has one of our names in it. What a goof.

We got news of the fate of the Würzburg Taco Bell… it’s closing on October 6. They had a vote on the 15th to decide whether to close Taco Bell or Charley’s. It’s a good thing that they voted to keep Charley’s open… they serve steak and chicken subs, which you certainly couldn’t get 50 feet away at the Subway. If they don’t open a Taco Bell along with the new big PX they’re putting in at Grafenwöhr, we’ll have to drive up to Schweinfurt (actually not all that far from Würzburg, but they don’t have as big a PX or a sand playground) for our Taco Bell fix. I hope we find a good playground at Graf... they won't be able to keep us away!

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