Monday, July 2, 2007

Battle of the Bands

Here’s a fun photo for our friends, the Novaks, who have a dog by the same name as this product:

And this seemed silly, too:

Did our usual stuff… mess hall, home for nap, not much else. Had an early (and uneventful, for a change) dinner at the bowling alley. I don’t like to have dinner too early, as I’m always hungry later in the evening so we didn’t eat super-early, but early enough to beat any dinner crowd that might materialize. If you’re going to eat at the bowling alley here, that’s the thing you want to do. Once they start to get busy everything takes AGES (remember the 35-minute burger), and the service goes downhill very fast.

Guitarman has found a new way to entertain himself at the bowling alley. See, usually when we get there, they’ve got some or other horrible rap music absolutely BLARING on the stereo. It’s seriously crappy stuff, like the Jeffersons theme remake and songs with lyrics about cops and bitches and hoes (hos? I have no idea how to pluralize “ho.”). So Guitarman has now started selecting songs when we get there that he thinks will drive the rap guys crazy and get the bowling alley staff to turn down the volume. I’m not sure exactly why he’s picked this particular battle, but so be it. I’ll keep you posted.

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