Thursday, July 5, 2007

Growing Like a Weed

We were going to go to the movie tonight “Meet the Robinsons” but it turns out it’s tomorrow. Wee Laddie was pretty psyched all day about the movie, so he was bummed that it wasn’t tonight. He took it pretty well, though. Good nap today: 2.5 hours. Yum.

Grilled some of the pre-fab chicken breasts and made pierogies. Wee Laddie loves pierogies. I should keep that in mind for those times when it seems like he hasn’t eaten a thing in days, as he’ll usually eat somewhere between 2 and 3 of them. Even with nothing on top but a little sprinkle of cheese.

Found out (online) that Wal-Mart has a competitor here called Metro. I can’t remember where, but I know that we drove past one of those ‘cause I commented on the name & asked what Guitarman thought it was. It was probably Regensburg… gonna have to find out so I can have a wander through it one day. I would love to be in a store where I stand a reasonable chance of finding the things that I am actually looking for. I’ve back-burnered several projects simply because I have no idea where to find anything. I can’t even find a little vinyl floor thingy for underneath my desk. Still. Weeks ago one of the grocery stores had one in its weekly assortment of weird crap that you don’t know where else to get… but by the time I got there in the evening, they were all gone.

So our neighbors across the street just had their landscaping done not too long ago. They started around May 26. Now they may have planted grass seeds and I didn’t notice. I kept thinking, “Oh, they must be getting the sod laid soon,” when all of a sudden this appears. In mid-summer. This definitely ain’t Colorado.

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