Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Going All Martha in the Kitchen

Not that we do a Monday activity anymore now that I’ve wussed out on the power walking, but none of our activities are happening this week… it’s a leave week or something (well, and the holiday, too, obviously), so everybody’s off work.

Wee Laddie and I assembled the shelves we got at OBI the other day. I’ve really been wanting to get the cardboard boxes out of the kitchen. So we put them together and then started loading stuff up on them downstairs. Wee Laddie is an awesome helper for stuff like that. I had to keep him from loading up 4 or 5 cans in his arms at a time! We got rid of 3 of the 7 boxes… and cleared some stuff out of the crowded cabinets as well. I love having organized cabinets. Whatever, I’m a goob.

People always find it odd that I fold my dirty laundry. First off, I don’t fold it fold it, I just sort of sling it into a folded shape. Reason: it takes up less space in the laundry basket. And, in case of absolute desperation, you could actually pull something back out and wear it if you had to. The other thing people always find strange about me is that everything in my kitchen cabinets has an exact place. (And it bugs me a lot if things are not in the right places.) Well, food has more of a general place since you don’t always have the same quantity of cans of soup, say… but utensils, dishes, etc. have exact places. It seems anal to some (and that’s probably part of it), but the real reason I do that is so that I never have to waste time looking for things. That’s why I always put my keys in exactly the same place, too. I’m big on using shortcuts whereever I can find them, and the kitchen organization thing is a shortcut. And once you’re in the habit of putting things in their exact spots, it doesn’t take any extra time or thought to get them there either.

Ditto for my closet, which is organized by categories (short-sleeved shirts, 3/4-length shirts, long sleeves, etc.) and by color. Okay, so that’s one more thing that people find strange… but I’m telling you, it saves me so much time getting dressed. Most people are like, “Where’s my blue shirt?” and then they spend 10 minutes looking for it, right? Not me. I think, “Where’s my blue shirt?” Then I go to where it should be… it’s either there or not. If not, it’s dirty. End of story.

I take it back, I’m not a goob. I’m a home organization machine. (Ha. Don’t ask me how often I manage to get around to actually cleaning anything. You’ll never come over.)

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Kristin said...

I'm the SAME way with the organization. i don't see how people can't be like that. Why would anyone want to waste time looking for things when it could have it's own spot?

I really hate being bothered to look for THEIR things.