Friday, July 13, 2007

My Shy Guy (shyeah, right)

Wee Laddie slept in this morning ‘til 8:55am (see, he still needs those darned naps!). We had Kids’ Club (getting there very late, of course) but Wee Laddie was very shy there at first. There were some new kids there and he didn’t see Kaitlyn so he said to me, “Kaitlyn not here,” and then acted all shy for a while. He did warm up after a bit, of course. He’s not one to stand on the sidelines for long.

Good nap, though I had to drive around for an extra 25 minutes before he fell asleep. Then I accidentally took the wrong roundabout exit (toward Regensburg) and was so afraid that by the time I’d gotten us back home, he’d wake up & not go back to sleep again. Like yesterday.

He woke up cheerful from his nap, we went downstairs and I did the Cars iron-ons. He really likes them. I made a big deal out of telling him that he had to wait ‘til at least Saturday to wear them, ‘cause they need to be washed first, but not for at least 24 hours. I didn’t want there to be a meltdown later over that.

Went to Burger King for dinner, then came home and watched a “Signing Time” episode. Guitarman tucked in tonight, and there was a bit of room swapping. We’ll have to stop that for while the Js (Guitarman’s sister and her family) are here, since cousin Jessica will probably be sleeping in Wee Laddie’s room.

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