Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stormy Weather

Grilled burgers tonight… I would’ve saved them for a little nod to the 4th tomorrow, but today was their last good day. Burgers so far, seem to be my best grill meal. Somehow, I manage to get the timing better when doing burgers, although I did char a couple of pieces of bread. Yup, burning the toast. I have found a great way to grill corn, though. I made a tomato-basil butter (no recipe, just add some tomato paste and dried basil to margarine/butter ‘til it smells yummy), put that on the corn and wrap the ears loosely in a big sheet of foil. Grill ‘til hot. It’s been very popular around here so far. I’ll have to try some variations: garlic-parmesan, cajun… maybe mustard-tarragon?

Wee Laddie was asking if we could put more stuff on the shelves downstairs. I had to remind him that a) we were all done with that part of the project and b) the shelves are pretty much full. I love that he wanted to help some more with that project, though. Perhaps he didn’t inherit my gene for starting but not finishing projects.

I get the impression that this has not been a typical summer here in Bavaria. We seem to be alternating between a few days where it’s 85-90°F and a few days where it’s overcast and 55-60°F (I find it curious that the Fahrenheit scale was developed by a German-Dutch scientist but they use Celcius over here. Given the European devotion to PAL video formats even in lieu of HD, it seems odd.) I’m not sure if it’s the humidity or what, but the hot days feel really, really hot. I know, everyone in Denver is going, “Bite me, it’s been 95° every day for a month.” And I don’t miss that. But it’s weird to me to be gasping from heat one day and wearing long sleeves the next. And I’m from Colorado, so weird weather is the norm.

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Susannah said...

Humidity is so much worse than plain old heat. You get hot in Colorado, you stand in the shade, end of story. People in Denver have been complaining lately about the "humidity" here (ha!). I'm from London and I used to live in Miami, so excuse me if I'm not mopping my brow yet.