Friday, July 6, 2007

Wanna See a Movie, Guys?

I heard that question about 200 times today, starting from when Wee Laddie first woke up. He was so jazzed. “Wanna go do that? Wanna do that today?” I have to say, toddler enthusiasm can be quite infectious.

We nearly had to skip the movie because the boy was not taking his nap. I’m sure part of it was the excitement, but I wasn’t about to keep him up late in a public place after a no-nap day. He finally went to sleep, but when he woke up he was crying about Burger King. I think he thought he hadn’t slept, so I had to reassure him that yes, we’d go to Burger King and yes, we were going to see the movie.

So he made it through the whole movie (Meet the Robinsons), but cried at the end. I think because of the let-down after being SO excited all day. He was so tired that he actually just snuggled up on me and sat there for a few minutes, but he was wide awake all the way home despite me having made sure he was changed into his pajamas and “sleep diaper.” I should have expected that.

Today when I got Wee Laddie dressed he told me, “I look like Grandma-Grandma.” Here he is:

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Kristin said...

Look at W.L. and the Cars gear.

Can't wait to be friends with that kid in person again, right???