Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Usual Tour

We expected that the Js would be pretty jetlagged, so we didn’t plan to take them anywhere today. They wanted to go check out the base, so I crammed them all into my car when we went in for signing class. I was totally late for signing class, so I stopped on the way to try to call. But call who? Stacy is on vacation and it turns out that all the ACS numbers I have are for people who have left. I called one of the number anyway and I think got the person who’s doing the Little Troopers group now (and whose name I’ve already forgotten) and she gave me a cell number for Tina, the new New Parent Support person. That whole exchange was pretty amusing, as the cell phone reception between our house and base is horrible… I kept saying, “Ok, I only got like 5 digits… 08151…” and she’d laugh and say, “No, it’s 0478… 1… 7…” It must’ve taken about 6 tries before I got a reasonable number of digits. And then I got no answer.

Since they weren’t on the visitor list, we had to go through the closer gate and get out of the car so I could sign them in. Just as we got there, Kelly called to ask where I was. I told her what was going on and that I’d tried to call Tina and would be there ASAP. (One good thing about always showing up is that people cut you some slack at times like this.) Then I dropped my cell phone and PDA, pretty much totalling the PDA. It’s odd to me that Guitarman used to drop his cell phone daily (literally) and he rarely had any problems with one. I dropped mine like 3x ever and happened to drop it on the antenna while open and it’s history. I drop the PDA (this may have been the only time ever) and it’s toast. Seems like some sort of statistical anomaly going on there. But thankfully, I hadn’t dropped the PDA until after I’d made that phone call.

The Js went to the gym and the PX and I went to sign class and apologized profusely (I was about 20 minutes late by then). Nobody seemed too annoyed with me… whew! Turns out the cell phone I called is Tina’s work one and she doesn’t carry it with her. She gave me her numbers, so we’re all caught up now.

Then we all went to lunch at the big mess hall.

After lunch I took the Js home and Wee Laddie and I took a nap. The Js napped a little and then Mr. and Mrs. J went to check out the castle. There wasn’t time for a tour but they found it and walked around it a bit.

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