Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gimme Some Sand

You know what I don’t get? Garages that don’t have automatic door openers. Really. What sense do they make? I honestly want to just leave the door open on ours all the time. If Wee Laddie falls asleep in the car, then I have to leave my car in the driveway ‘cause the door has an incredibly loud creak… so it sits in the sun and gets up to about 8 gazillion degrees inside. Or gets snowed on, or whatever. And if he doesn’t fall asleep, then I have to stop & get out to unlock the door before I can move the car in. It’s just stupid. And I think our cheapo landlord ought to just suck it up and get some stinkin’ openers. All of the options he’s had put in this house are crap, and it’s a pretty nice house in a slightly swanky neighborhood. And all of our neighbors seem to have automatic garage openers, Herr Frugal.

We made our regular jaunt up to Würzburg for some Taco Bell. If we don’t go for a few weeks, Wee Laddie starts asking about cheesy potatoes and we know it’s time. We met a few people at the playground and they were talking about having to decide whether to move to Schweinfurt or Hohenfels when the base at Würzburg closes, which is like sometime next year, I think. We told them that the community support in Hohenfels is really good, but that it’s veeeery small. Würzburg is a pretty decent-sized town... maybe as big as Nürnberg (if I weren’t already so far behind on this blog, I’d go look it up… but I’m just going to guess instead). Same for Schweinfurt. The actual town of Hohenfels has like 10 shops.

Wee Laddie spent close to an hour in the sandbox… the first outing for the sand truck we got him almost two months ago. He didn’t even look at the slide or anything ‘til we were leaving.

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