Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cheryl’s Last Day

Today at Little Troopers, Wee Laddie went over to one of the moms and stuck out his now polish-free tootsies. “No more red toes!” he told her.

Sadly, today was Cheryl’s last playgroup. She loved her gifts and was so impressed that I’d somehow personalized the photo book. (Sometimes I forget that the world is not filled with designers.) I was pleased that she seemed to like it so much. She said they were 2 of the best gifts she’d ever gotten, because they were so personal. So we did good. I still stand by my review of the product, though.

She brought her replacement (at least for the playgroup) so we got to meet her. I’ve forgotten her name already. I hope the group keeps going with the great vibe that it’s had so far. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing over here without these playgroups to keep me sane and to connect me with people.

Went to Neumarkt after nap. We bought 2 more “Cars” cars (Hamm and Miss Sally) at the toy store, and went to OBI for shelves for the basement. I was so happy to manage this outing… it sometimes takes weeks for us to be able to make a trip like that. First you gotta work around nap, then there are store closings and the long drive and back in time for dinner… blah, blah. I should shop online more, I suppose.

Anyone else see some Halloween costume potential here?

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