Sunday, June 3, 2007

Battling Clean-Up

Guitarman had to work today. The people in his group split up the time to be “on shift,” and this is the first weekend he’s had to work, not counting the week+ in Schweinfurt. Largely because it’s taken this long for him to be able to handle things on his own. (This is what happens when you stick a software engineer in a system administrator position… software and hardware are so not the same.)

I had the TV on too much today (I rarely do that) but Wee Laddie had a good nap… right around 2 hours.

Guitarman came home, we all took showers (showers seem luxurious to me at times, and I resent them at times—they seem like such a waste of time). Then we had a lazy afternoon. Went to the food court on base for Burger King/Anthony’s Pizza dinner.

Wee Laddie’s bed time is usually a family affair… we all read together, and then one of us stays in the bed ‘til he falls asleep (which sometimes takes a while). Tonight when he wouldn’t put his toys away, I said that if he didn’t, I wasn’t going to come up for reading time. So not only did I not go up for reading time, but his cars, trains, bugs and toy basket were all taken away for tomorrow ‘cause he wouldn’t put them away. He was upset about me not coming up, but not enough to put the toys away. This method does not seem to be working very well… I’m not sure what else to do. He is so friggin’ stubborn. (Like his mama, you say? Pffft. Whatever.)

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Kristin said...

So are these the helpful tips I'm gonna learn from Sleep Lady? :) 'Cuz I so don't want to be in bed with my kid till he falls asleep every night. But I also know you're in a strange land right now.