Thursday, June 21, 2007


There were 3 sets of parents/tots at signing class today. I’m always so happy when someone asks a question about a sign or signing in general. I usually do know the answer, and it makes me feel like I’m contributing more than just by showing up & plugging things in. There’s a new counselor person there (I forget what they’re called, but they come in on like a 12-week rotation to offer support, and they’re always showing up at the playgroups and classes) and she was asking about my experience with sign. And she was even trying to learn the signs while the video was on.

I’ve gotten totally behind on the goodbye gift for Cheryl… there’s no way I can get it now from Snapfish (I still need a couple of photos from one mom, actually) and I’d be shocked if any company over here would do it by next Friday. My limited experience with German companies does not indicate any penchant for speed. I went to the PX to see if they had a printable photo book I could put together myself and to look for inkjet paper to make t-shirt transfers (‘cause I know a certain little boy who would be stoked to have some more tees with the “Cars” characters on them. And just in case any of the good folks over at Pixar should happen upon this site and start getting riled up about intellectual property, let me just say this: We have already purchased nearly every “Cars” accessory made. Well, a lot of them, anyway. And because we LOVE your movies and want to have money later to see and purchase them on an ongoing basis…and also because my son is fixated on wearing an item of “Cars” clothing nearly all the time, I am going to make some tees for him. Maybe mostly pajama shirts, so he can then save the real t-shirts for wearing out in public. Believe me, you are getting loads of free advertising from us. Well, free to you… we actually are paying to advertise your movie. So there ya go.), but they had neither. Will have to either try the place in Neumarkt this weekend or head up to Media Markt. Bet I can talk Guitarman into that.

I found this tea at the market today and had to buy it. Luckily, it was a flavor that sounded really yummy, too, or else I'd have had to throw all the tea away. Nah, I probably would have just taken the photo there in the market.

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Susannah said...

Is is decaf? You have to bring some of that stuff back!