Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Spelling Lesson

Today in the car on the way home from base, WL said to me, “Mommy, say R.” So I did. He said, “Say V.” I did. He continues through L, D, D, O and T. (At the 2nd D, I knew something was up, ‘cause why on earth would he do the same letter twice in a row.) Then he said, “What’s this word?” So I look in the backseat, and it turns out he’s picking the letters off of the bottom of his Old Navy socks… and although he had the E wrong, he was spelling “Toddler” backwards (‘cause that’s the way it was on his sock). I was blown away. I know he can recognize some letters, but that was huge! It’s also interesting to me because I used to do that in the car with my parents when I was little, “Mommy, what does s-a-f-e-w-a-y spell?” And before my mom had even realized it (and with some help from Jim Henson) I had learned to read by the time I was three. So I reckon the kid’s got 6 months.

Our beloved Burger King (I am so sick of that place) had a power outage tonight. So no fries and we picked from what they had already hot (‘cause we didn’t want to go to the pizza place, which is our other choice… and their power was actually out, too). They closed just after we left, so we must’ve pretty much cleaned them out.

When Wee Laddie is tired of being stuck inside, or riding in the car or going to stores… he’ll start asking, “Mommy, walk on the grass?” and if you’re trying to walk somewhere that’s near a patch of grass he will pull and pull to see if he can get over to it. So sometimes we take breaks in our day to give him some time to just walk on the grass. Or sit on it. Or lie on it.

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