Monday, June 18, 2007

Taco Bell Addicts Support Group

Taco Bell Addicts Support Group
Went up to Würzburg, where we bumped into Guitarman’s coworker, Charlie, and his wife, Telise. (We like them.) Had a nice visit with them. I jokingly asked Telise if they’d come up for a Taco Bell fix like us and she said, “We were talking about what to do today and I really wanted to get out of the house to do something. So Charlie said, ‘We could go to Würzburg. We can look at this, and this and this… and there’s Taco Bell.’ And I said, ‘Well, we don’t need this, or this, or this. But there’s Taco Bell.’ So an hour-and-a-half and half a tank of gas later, here we are.” At least we’re not the only ones.

You know how in the US, they take old worn-out tires and use them as playground equipment? Well, check these out:

Seriously, I could dig them up and put them on my car.

And here is Wee Laddie, trying out the bubble gun we got him today. You know, it’s hard for a little guy to blow bubbles, so Guitarman thought he could use an assist. We went through ½ a bottle of bubble soap and he kept the trigger on for long stretches, so there were piles of bubbles on the grass… but he was pretty stoked about being able to make them on his own.

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Kristin said...

We just got a Diego bubble WHISTLE. Haven't tried that out yet but seems fun too.

E loves his bubble "shooter".