Wednesday, June 20, 2007

His Potty

Wee Laddie is getting really good with pronouns and possessive pronouns these days. This language acquisition thing still amazes me. He’s starting to make sense of when to use “his” vs. “hers,” even. He doesn’t get it right all the time, of course, but the fact that he is aware that there’s a difference seems impressive.

(sorry co-moms, this is a duplicate story) Had some “nakey dupa time” today with Wee Laddie. (That’s him being diaper-free.) We tried to do it last week, but all he did was cry and ask for a diaper. Today he was fine with it. I kept asking if he needed to go potty, he’d say no. At one point he said he had to go and he went and sat there, but nothing.

Then, while I was washing the breakfast dishes (and not bugging him) I heard him go into the bathroom and sit on the potty. A minute later he brings the potty out to show me that he’d peed in it. “I get M&M!” he said. Which, of course, he did. It didn’t happen again today, but that was encouraging!

I actually understood probably 80% of the conversation in German class today. That’s HUGE for me. The asylum-seeker guys all speak pretty good German (miles better than the rest of us, for sure), so they often have some side conversations with our instructor in German (she does it with us in English some, too). Many times I am completely lost when that happens, but today I caught most of it. Ah, progress.

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Kristin said...

Yay! Is this a current story or one from a month ago?

Either way, I'm proud of him!