Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Contract Renewal

Got official word today that Raytheon has won the contract for this job that Guitarman’s doing, which means that we’re not done here at the end of October.

However, we’ve decided that we’re not going to stay here long-term. The work situation is really not good for Guitarman. In order to get our relocation back to the US paid for, he’ll need to complete a full year, so we’ll stay ‘til at least mid-December. After that, it just depends on when he can get a job back stateside. We hope to return to Colorado, but will go elsewhere if we have to.

Now if we absolutely LOVED Germany, he’d go look for another job. I could see myself staying here longer, but Guitarman can’t see himself staying here. There are too many of those little things that he misses. I miss the big things (friends & family), which is somehow easier to deal with… I think because I expected to miss them terribly. (I think that’ll make sense to anyone who has spent enough time far away from home. I hope so, anyway.) I miss some of the little things, too, but there are usually ways around them.

Tonight was my first off-site German class. Just me and 2 others showed up. Our instructor said she’d heard that our asylum-seeker friends (I’m sorry to refer to them that way, but it’s partly explanation) are apparently uncomfortable that some of us are paying and they’re not. So I sent an email saying that we really hoped they’d come and that it wasn’t about the money at all, it’s that we had such a good, fun learning vibe going in the classroom and we’d like to continue that way. I hope they come next time.

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