Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Riedenburg

We were headed for a breakfast-lunch fastfood two-fer, but the dining room at our local McDonald’s is closed, as are the bathrooms. So if you don’t want to do the drive-thru (which, believe me, strikes fear in the heart of one with an extremely tenuous grip, if any, on the local language), your other option is to sit in the large tent in the parking lot, and use the porta-potties (“Toi Toi” is the brand here). We passed on that and went to Il Cigno for Italian food. It’s in the city center of our town. And very good. And always loaded with Americans who talk loudly. And not just my son.

We made a return jaunt to Riedenburg to walk around the little lake we walked around last time during the mittelalterfest. It was a pleasant walk, so we continued up the trail a bit. There are walking paths everywhere in this area. The Bavarians (and perhaps all Germans) are very into walking… in fact, it’s kind of traditional for the whole town to take a walk on Sundays, from what I understand. It’s called a volksmarch. At one point on the trail, we were walking along the river and there was German music spilling out of a building across the river from us. It felt like we were on a travel show. (I can’t currently get the audio for this on my computer, so hopefully someone will comment if there’s no music on this clip and I’ll try the other one.)

Our eating schedule gets all messed up on the weekends, ‘cause we try to nap Wee Laddie after breakfast instead of lunch so that we actually have time to go somewhere in the afternoons. So then we end up eating lunch at like 2:30 or 3pm, then what do you do with dinner? Tonight we had pseudo-splits (bananas, grapes, yogurt with chocolate pudding on top), which worked out well. Reasonably healthy and Wee Laddie thought he was in dessert heaven!

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Susannah said...

The music is VERY quiet, but it's there.