Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog Blog Blogging

Low turnout again at sign class. I’m glad the Army Community Service people are committed to offering this class, or I’m sure they’d have bailed by now for low attendance. I don’t know why we’re not getting more people, except that maybe they’re all busy with summer plans. Meanwhile, I drag our big flat panel monitor every time (I was bringing the laptop, too, in case we needed 2 screens. I’ve stopped dragging that one around, though.) just to make sure everyone can see. Nevermind that I could just stick our portable DVD player on table and be done with it.

I could so become a blog addict. Not so much writing (or I wouldn’t always be running about a month behind, now, would I? Although that’s about to change… I’m getting lots of posts written & will try to post several every day or two ‘til I get caught up.), but there are some people out there writing some really funny and/or interesting stuff. I should be really helpful and post some links & stuff, but that’s a little lower on my list than getting caught up is. But when I find a blog I enjoy reading, I just see whose blogs they are reading and so on (to those of you to whom that seems painfully obvious: I know that some of my readers aren’t too Internet savvy, hence the explanation) and I’ve come across some good stuff. Yeah, there’s a lot of crap out there, too. Just like at your local bookstore.

I think this is, quite possibly, the most disturbing logo I've ever seen. Sheesh, who the hell wants to eat that??

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JL said...

Disturbing is right. Chicken George also was a character from the book/TV miniseries "Roots".

I still remember the scene in which poor Chicken George's chickens had their necks wrung right in front of him by one of the white slaveowners.

Drumstick, anyone?