Friday, June 1, 2007

There Are Toys in Toymarkt

Today, after Kids’ Club, lunch and nap, we managed to have time to go to the toy store in Neumarkt (our closest big-ish town) that I’ve been wanting to check out. It’s the best toy store I’ve seen so far (the one in Schweinfurt was pretty good, too)… loads of stuff that Wee Laddie’s interested in, and it actually has a bit of artsy stuff, too. I took a back road there (GPS route) this time instead of the autobahn. Aside from getting stuck behind a semi nearly the whole way, it seemed like it’d be shorter than the autobahn route. We made it home in like 25 minutes.

Wee Laddie liked the toy store a lot. I know… DUH. He wasn’t too interested in the craft stuff, but was very excited about a ride-on tractor. I had to convince him that his motorcycle and bicycle were surely enough. When I tried to round him up to go he didn’t throw a fit or anything, just said, “I’m looking at toys.” We got a “Cars” car (the Leak Less one), soap bubbles and a Play-Doh set (this kid friggin’ loves that stuff). We actually bought the one Play-doh set they had at the store.

11 people in my social circle (counting both here and back home) are pregnant, one with twins. And there’s one who just had a baby maybe 6 weeks ago… and one more a few months ago. Meanwhile, I got my period 4 days early. Not that any of you wanted to know that, but whatever. (And no, we’re not trying yet. It just still pisses me off.)

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Kristin said...

I've been there with the hoping for an accident. 'Specially when you're surronded by preggos.