Friday, June 29, 2007

Photo Finish

At Kids’ Club this morning I was talking with Kelly (Kaitlyn’s mom) about taking the kids some other places just to break things up a bit. Maybe the zoo or the pool. And Zoe brought me some info about an indoor play place (like Monkey Business or something) that she’d gotten a brochure for. It looks fun but I’m not sure how far away it is. I think maybe some of our problem is the fact that we live in the country here. When I really think about it, it’s probably like living in Wyoming or something. There’s probably not much in the way of those kinds of places for kids, whereas Denver’s got loads of them. I’m just not used to living in the sticks.

One of the other Little Troopers moms is putting together a scrapbook for Cheryl, so I went to drop off my page (finally). It’s my first ever scrapbook page. Looking at it compared to the other pages, I can see that my design experience is a bit more conservative and formal than the typical scrapbook page. Mine is so much more businesslike. I don’t know whether it’d be different if I’d had more stuff (though I’m still not into the frou-frou things a lot of people use) or more time… or if I’m just too used to doing corporate design work. Even the little bit of movie stuff I did was pretty limited in terms of actual creativity.

And I finished the photo book. Overall, I’m really not thrilled with the Epson Storyteller kits. I’ve often looked at them & thought they’d be really cool. Not so much. The layout designs are pretty limited… I ended up doing my own layouts in Photoshop ‘cause I wanted a really clean, studio look. But the worst part is that it’s really hard to get the pages to line up correctly (and let me tell you that I’m freakishly able to eyeball straight lines… I can literally spot when something is off by 1 pixel on my computer screen.), so although each page was lined up fine on its own sticky tab thing, the whole book didn’t end up being aligned very well. Partly my fault for forcing it to go 2-sided, but still. Had I finished the book in time to order it online, it would have been much less expensive, taken much less time, and looked much cooler. Lesson learned.

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