Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just Plain Fat

I skipped the exercise class today (having trouble getting excited about the power walking… and I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my foot), so we didn’t go onto base ‘til lunchtime. Had a good long nap, about 2.5 hours. :)

Today Wee Laddie was whining around about something he wanted. I said, “Oh, would you like the cup?” I prompted him, “Yes, please. “ He whined that, too. I said, “Can you just say, ‘Yes, please’ without whining?” He replied, “Yes please without whining.” It reminded me of this story my dad used to tell about his friend “Fat Eddie.” He got tired of being called Fat Eddie, as you might imagine, so he asked his friends, “Why don’t you call me just plain Eddie?” They started calling him “Just Plain Fat.”

Guitarman and I were talking about the kids we see playing in neighborhood, often unsupervised, like we did back in the ‘70s. But the Bavarians drive insanely fast. We live on a dead-end street and people still come barrelling up & down it… I have, in fact, considered calling Deutsche Post (the post office) to complain about their drivers, who go up to the end of the street and then fly back to the front of our house *backwards* to turn around in the little parking area across from us. I just really don’t understand how Bavarians can drive like they do and then let their children (and we’re talking about *young* kids, like at least as young as 4… maybe even 3) play in the streets. It’s nuts.

Made my best solo-grilled dinner yet: cheeseburgers, corn (which everyone wolfed down), frozen fries and pineapple for dessert. I didn’t burn a single thing. (And it should be noted that I’m not a charred-burger kind of gal… I like my burgers medium rare.)

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