Friday, June 22, 2007

There’s Not Enough Playtime

Went to Kids’ Club this morning and then to the playground across the street (behind one of the housing areas) with Zoe and Mario. Mario’s dad is away for 2 months for training in the US, so they also joined us for lunch. Guitarman was “on shift” today so it was just the moms & tots. Wee Laddie did a great job of staying in his chair and eating what I asked him to. :)

This morning Wee Laddie and I called Guitarman (we sometimes do that if Wee Laddie is still asleep when Guitarman leaves for work) and when Guitarman said that he had to work and wouldn’t see us for lunch today, Wee Laddie told him, “That’s bad.”

After nap, Wee Laddie had some lap time while I finished a couple of emails. He doesn’t often let me do that… it usually takes me 20 minutes to do 2 minutes’ worth of computer stuff because I’m spending the other 18 minutes pulling him out from under the desk, finding paper & pen for him to draw, putting back all the things he grabs off the desk, etc. And okay, it was in response to me saying it to him but he said, “I love you, Mom.” Best thing in the world, hearing those words from this amazing little boy.

I feel like there is never enough time to play with my son. I am lucky enough to not have to work so I’m with him nearly every waking minute of every day. But I really feel like we don’t get enough time to just play. In the morning it’s breakfast, dishes, showers & getting dressed. Then we’re always off at some or other playgroup (which is fun, and great for his socialization) but we don’t spend that much time there interacting with each other. Then comes lunch and nap. And since he doesn’t go down easily for nap, by the time he gets up it’s often time to either start cooking dinner or to get ready to drive to base to meet Guitarman. And bedtime comes up very quickly after dinner so even though Guitarman does those dishes, there’s not much time then either. I simply do not understand how working moms do it. I cannot imagine trying to cram even more stuff into my day and see how I could feel like I was giving enough attention to any of it. (I commend them for finding ways to pull it off.)

A few minutes of stolen playtime, although he did make this “trumpet” all by himself.

And after I made him take the toy out of his mouth.

Guitarman and Wee Laddie talked to Grandma-Nana tonight. Wee Laddie told her, “Hi Grandma-Nana, I miss you! I miss Aunt Kaffee, too.” How could you not melt at that? My boy has such a gigantic heart.

Wee Laddie and I spotted this on the way home from base yesterday:

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