Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What’s on Television

It’s funny to see the differences in what is shown on TV here vs. what is shown in the US. Today on Sesamstrasse they were trying to take a group photo of one human and about 3 muppets, one of whom was the German baby-Natasha character. It was, of course, rather chaotic. At one point the baby Natasha character let one rip. (I am not making this up.) And the others all acted woozy after smelling it and some even fell over.

There’s a show (Kleine Prinzessin) that was on after Sesamstrasse for a little while (Sesamstrasse stays in the same spot, but the shows before & after vary every month or two) about this sort of grubby little princess. They often showed her sitting on her chamber pot.

And once we caught a British show (of the grown-up--not "adult"--variety) in which one character, the mother of a baby, often has milk leakage stains on the front of her shirt.

Certainly not as sterilized as American TV. How many shows can you name that have featured bodily functions like that? I remember the flushing toilet on “All in the Family” and then again on “Married With Children.” I find that funny, since MWC was so much more crass than the former. On “Friends” they at least talked about going to the bathroom. (Oh, and there was the one time where Chandler peed on Monica’s leg.) Can anyone name any other shows?

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