Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Typical Day, Wee-Laddie Style (aka Nap Challenge 2007)

Today would be our week off of exercise class anyway, but I don’t know if the class will be going forward or not. If not, I’ve got to start walking around the neighborhood or something. You know, if I could get Wee Laddie’s nap schedule sorted out, it would make such a huge difference.

Here’s a typical day.
7-7:30 wake up
8 watch Sesamstrasse while O-tay cooks and we both eat breakfast (Wee Laddie likes a waffle every day, but will sometimes also eat about ½ a scrambled egg or some yogurt.) Then I wash up the breakfast dishes and have a shower if there’s time.
9-10 off to an acitivity on base
11:30 lunch at mess hall
1-2 back home (time depends on whether or not we’ve stopped to run some errands)
3 finally get Wee Laddie to sleep
4:30 Wee Laddie wakes up and needs to be snuggled/held for about ½ hour since he got a late start to his nap, which puts him a bit out of sorts
5-5:30 call Guitarman to see when he’s coming home, start making dinner
6:30 finally sitting down to dinner
7:30-8 toy cleanup and off to bed for Wee Laddie
8-10 trying to get Wee Laddie to sleep

And since he’s often been skipping the nap lately, then that nap block is taken up with me talking, singing, reading, rocking, driving, etc. I really hope we can get back onto a better schedule soon!


Kristin said...

Wow, that's a late nap...I have to give up by 3 if I'm shooting for a 8 o'clock bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Note that I said "typical" day, not "ideal" day.

Wee Laddie really does best if he's asleep by 2 at the very latest. Does "8 o'clock bedtime" mean that E's ASLEEP at 8??