Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Try Another Flavor

Some of the food flavor choices here are very different than in the US. First off all, American chocolate blows. I’m sorry, but European chocolate is so amazingly much yummier. The markets all sell these great, huge chocolate bars about the size of a thin paperback book. And the flavors are different and interesting. Many of them I can’t read, of course, and some of them aren’t surprising like, say, nuts. But a couple of interesting recent discoveries: red chile and lime & green pfeffer (which is not the veggie, but ground green peppercorns). I had to try both. I thought they were both interesting… maybe not quite my cuppa. (Maybe mainly because there’s this “orange intense” one that I’m stuck on.)

Yogurt flavors are also very different, and some include seeds and grains & stuff. I got Wee Laddie one the other day (without realizing) that had pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in it. He was not a big fan. One of his fave flavors is pear/banana, another is peach/raspberry. So we got a rhubarb one to try, but it was much sweeter than I expected. Some others: kiwi/apple, passionfruit, pineapple/grapefruit. Of course, you can also get the usual strawberry and blueberry. It’s fun to have so very many interesting choices!

And in the “only the mom of a young child would know this” category, have you ever watched how a soap bubble pops? Sure, some of them pop when they touch other things, but the ones that last a longer time and just float away? Those ones don’t so much pop as just fade away. I never noticed it before, but it’s kind of cool to watch. There is like a little pop at the end and a tiny piece of bubble residue, if you will, that will fall away. And at that point, the bubble has ceased to be.


Kristin said...

Bubbles...what fun!

You're looking quite trim there, Miss O. And they say the camera adds 10 pounds...

You look great! Good to "see" you.

Susannah said...

I was at Costplus World Market in Cherry Creek today and spotted some German chocolate bars. They had one with Chile and Mango, but I opted for the Cocoa d'Arriba (orange flavour) by Hachez. Is that the one you get? I am eating some right now with a cup of vanilla hazelnut tea and it is quite delicious. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope this is part of the special diet you wrote about in another blog!