Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cash Out

Guitarman took his mother and sister to Regensburg today. Not sure what all they did, but they did look at the big church and have lunch at the Wurstküche. Well, ya gotta. Grandma-Nana showed us a postcard she’d bought with a bunch of photos of the town and on the back it said, “Nord….. Italiens,” so she’s like, “That’s a pretty big typo.” Or whatever. And something struck me about the quotes, so I got to wondering if it was a slogan or something. And it is, apparently. Because of the Italian influence on the architecture of Regensburg, it is referred to as the northernmost Italian city.

Guitarman took his mom and sister to Regensburg to look around while Wee Laddie and I did naptime. We had an early nap (like back in Colorado) and a late lunch. Somehow, I actually found time to read a magazine… that almost never happens!

Little Cash died last night. Poor Page and Teri… I had no idea that he was in such rough shape. They’d been planning to take him home from the hospital but they all never made it back home, I guess. Oh, the heartbreak must be unbearable. It makes me think back to Wee Laddie’s first 4 months and how much he grew and changed during that time and how completely chaotic it is… especially the first 6 weeks or so. I ache for them that they didn’t have that much time after those first hard weeks. The time when you really get to know your baby, and to enjoy them. They had some of it… but not nearly enough. I am heartbroken on their behalf.

There was also a toddler who got swept away from his mother in a flash flood in Denver tonight. I can’t even fathom how that must have felt. When rescuers came, the mother let go (they did manage to pull her out). Can’t imagine not doing the same.

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Kristin said...

The link to Cash didn't work so I don't know what you're talking about but it sounds very sad so I probably don't want to know.

And I didn't hear about that tot in the flood at all either. How horrible!