Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Christening the Grill

Wee Laddie slept in 'til 8:20 this morning... must've been worn out from all of yesterday's excitement. Grandma-Nana and Aunt Kaffee are still a bit tired (those transatlantic flights are so draining!) so they weren't feeling up to too much.

We went to base to meet Guitarman for lunch, then to the grocery store and a drive-by of the local castle. Grandma-Nana said that she doesn't feel like she's in Europe yet...she feels like she's in Colorado, since she's visiting us. I thought the trip to the market and drive might help, but I'm not sure they did. I took the "scenic" route back from base, which goes through several small villages and gives some nice views of the local scenery. Wee Laddie got himself in trouble in the market and had to go sit in the car (Grandma-Nana took him... nice that I had someone to go with him so I didn't have to put all the groceries back and do it myself).

When we drove by the castle, I spotted a playground here in town that is actually open to the public (unlike the one 2 blocks from our house). So I told Wee Laddie that we'd come back another time. "One day," he says to me. When we got home he melted down a bit 'cause he didn't realize we were only going to drive by the castle... he thought we were going to get out of the car & walk around.

Had the inaugural grilling tonight. I marinated some veggies and put Aunt Kaffee in charge of the cooking part. Guitarman had picked up some pre-marinated chicken that was quite yummy, and Aunt K made grilled garlic bread while I cooked some whole wheat veggie pasta. Delish, every bite. We are going to be so glad we got the grill, finally. 'Course now I have to learn how to manage the grill by myself.

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