Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Road Butt

This morning, Grandma-Nana, Wee Laddie and I took Aunt Kaffee to the airport in Nürnberg… another easy airport trip. While we were there, I heard a cell phone playing the “Dallas” theme. (I swear, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.)

Tonight at German class I asked our instructor if we could hire her to teach through the summer (our last official session is next week). She said yes and my classmates were in, so we should be able to go on! Yay! And since we’re not going through the school, we can still pay her what she’s used to, but it will cost us all less, even though we’re going to cover the cost for our asylum-seeker friends, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go. And whose language skills are such that they’ll challenge the rest of us! Plus at least one of them is very funny, I can just tell… I hope to learn enough German to understand what he’s saying.

During tonight’s tuck-in reading time:
O-tay: What’s that?
Wee Laddie: Road butt.
(For those of you without toddler translation dictionaries, the rest of us call it a “robot.”)

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