Monday, May 21, 2007

München, day 2

Today we skipped the 21-euro-per-person hotel breakfast
(puh-leeeze!) and headed over to the Olympiazentrum from the 1972 Olympics. It looked amazingly current for something 35 years old. We even pondered whether or not there was anything left that was actually there for the ’72 Olympics or if it had all been rebuilt. After later research... turns out it is all the stuff built in '72. Except that they've since added some memorial stuff to honor and remember the athletes that were killed.

Guitarman and I took Wee Laddie to Sea Life while G-Nana and Aunt Kaffee went off on their own. I’m not actually sure what all they did… when we came out, they were at a restaurant in the park having a beverage. So we joined them there and we all had lunch. Sea Life was fun, but I don't think it was as good as the Downtown Aquarium.

After a quick shopping trip (FC Bayern hats for the guys and Aunt Kaffee), it was time to head back to get the car from the hotel garage. And then out of München. Traffic was quite heavy heading out of town. I sure was glad it was Sunday and the trucks were all off the roads! All in all, though, not a bad drive. Note to Aunt Lisa: we will not all fit in my car!

Once we got back home, Guitarman headed off to do laundry while the rest of us went to Hotel Hirschen. Guess what I ate? Yup, käsespätzle. (I know, I’m like a crack addict with that stuff.) Wee Laddie was very revved up all through dinner… it was rather exhausting. I keep expecting that he’ll calm down after getting used to having people visiting, but it hasn’t worked that way so far. Maybe he can sense that Aunt Kaffee is leaving soon or something. Maybe he is just here to make me insane.

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