Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Fell asleep early with Wee Laddie again last night. I have to stop doing that… it creates a whole vicious cycle with staying up late so I can get caught up on the stuff I was planning to do after he went to sleep. That much sleep would be good if I were pregnant, but that’s on hold again ‘til we know what’s up with Guitarman’s work contract.

Or until Wee Laddie is 9, whichever comes first.

I hit my elbow on the gear shift today and was going, “Ow, ow, ow!” (Aren’t elbow bumps the worst for the initial reaction? Well, them and toe-stubbing.) Wee Laddie asked, me, “Need some ice?” God, I love that kid. He has developed a renewed interest in being swaddled (after seeing himself swaddled in some photos) so here's what we were up to today.

There were only 2 of us in my German class tonight and we were kind of chit-chatting at the end, so I was filling them in on how we may not be here that long and blah, blah… and I said, “So we may be going home at the end of October. After getting here in January.” The instructor said, “You’ve only been here since January? Wow, you know a lot of German! Have you been here before?” I said that we’d visited Berlin for a week about 7 years ago. She said, “Respekt!” That felt really good! (Let’s not tell her that I don’t really understand what she says in class. I can usually get the gist, but I suspect she doesn’t really know how lost I am.)

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