Thursday, May 24, 2007

Castle Attempt

We skipped our usual lunch with Guitarman so I could nap Wee Laddie early and we could go see the castle and the church with Grandma-Nana. Wee Laddie didn’t go down ‘til 12… and then Grandma-Nana came in to wake us at 2. I’d forgotten to call Guitarman and let him know what was up nap-wise, so (apparently sure that we’d met with some terrible fate while he was off at work) he had fully freaked out and was calling repeatedly. Bit of a worrier, you might say.

Since the castle is only open from 9-11 and 2-4 (obviously a very tourist-oriented place) and we still had to make & eat lunch, we’ll try again tomorrow.

I certainly hope Grandma-Nana wasn’t expecting nonstop entertainment around here. Although my son works diligently at entertaining those around him, the process involved in working a schedule around his naps and bedtime is not always a simple one. Nor a convenient one.

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