Friday, May 11, 2007

Not So Big as Before

Went by the ACS (Army Community Service)office to drop of my official volunteer packet (for the signing workshop) and I asked again about photos. They must have some around, but I’m having a hard time getting a hold of them without tipping off Cheryl… and now, Brenda (who is PCSing to Hawaii in a month or so and should also get a going-away gift). So I talked to them about maybe the marketing guy asking for some images for his posters, since it’d be way less obvious if he asks vs. me asking. He gave me a couple of CDs he’s got, and will come by Little Troopers tomorrow to get some shots.

On a personal note, my weight loss seems to have stalled. For those of you not keeping track (er, most if not all of you) I’ve lost about 25 pounds since my maddening heaviest—post-baby, post-miscarriage, mid-misconception about how weight loss really works. Things really did turn around after implementing the stuff I read in the Ultra-metabolism book, not that I follow it to the letter. Back in Denver, I tossed everything with hydrogenated or partially-hydrogentated fats (sometimes the label will say zero transfat but these evil fats still lurk therein). It’s hard for me to translate labels here, but the ingredient lists generally seem simpler, which seems like a good sign.

And I’ve fully embraced olive oil… I pretty much slather stuff in it… ‘cause, well, YUM. And it’s showing up as a cancer preventer and everything (at least according to some sources), so I’m all for that. And I’m now back to my pre-pregnancy weight, more or less. That was still more than I’d ever weighed before, so I still struggle with that. But it’s something. Something kind of big, actually. I still am not at a weight that feels comfortable or healthy for me, so I’ve obviously got some work to do. But the changes so far are just based on minor dietary modifications with very little added exercise. It’s a start, for sure.


Kristin said...

Does Wee Laddie still nurse at all? I'm at my pre-both-pregnancy weight but it's still a lot heavier than I was when I first met hubby.

I feel like I shouldn't diet just yet when I'm EBFing...

Anonymous said...

Nope, he's all done.

You should check out that metabolism book. Seriously minor changes and I'm down over 25 lbs from my nasty (and rather shocking to me!) heaviest. It's not a diet in the calorie-reduction sense, so I'm sure it'd be fine while BFing. Let me know if you want info.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure plenty of lurking readers would be happy to drop a few lbs. - please post a few tips in one of your next posts. Pretty please!