Friday, May 18, 2007

Apparently, Not All Käsespätzle is Good

Went to a volunteer appreciation luncheon today with the ACS people. It was at Winkelbräu in Lengenfeld, which is off the next A3 exit toward Nurnberg. On the way to Velburg. They served us sandwiches. The food was okay, just not stuff I like all that much. Dessert, on the other hand (strawberry-rhubarb strudel w/ice cream… I split it with the power walking instructor) was fantastic!

They invited those of us who are volunteering our time to do classes or foster parenting or whatever, and Brandi also gave some kudos to her employees, which I thought was really cool. We all got certificates of appreciation and a little baby plant to take home. It was really nice. And all the people involved at all with the signing thing were very apologetic and they’re going to keep a key at the ACS office in future, just in case.

It was kind of nice to just go & have a grownup lunch… as much as I adore my son, it is nice to get a teensy break now and then. And when I got home he’d just gone to sleep for his nap, so I also got some computer time!

We all went to the Bärenkeller restaurant around the corner for dinner. I got käsespätzle. I thought about getting something that had spätzle on the side instead, but didn’t. And should’ve. I thought that it might be boring w/o the flavor of the cheese, but the “plain” one definitely had more flavor. Mine wasn’t terrible, but the cheese had a bit of a moldy smell to it, which I’m not at all fond of… it’s the way cheese smells just before it goes bad, usually. And it didn’t have the fried onions… just some chopped up green onion. Harumph. Wouldn’t order that there again. Especially when I can walk ½ a mile and get the incredible one over at Hotel Hirschen. Our server seemed very abrupt and not too polite at first, but he seemed to warm up to us. He spoke excellent English, but I still worked on my German. Go me! ;)

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