Sunday, May 20, 2007

München, day 1

After we all got our showers & stuff, we drove down to München. Oy, was it cramped in the backseat! I sat back there with Grandma-Nana and had to cushion part of the seat to try to get it level, or else it was tipping me right into her, pinning her between me and Wee Laddie’s car seat. Not that she would complain, but that could not possibly have been comfortable.

Our hotel is pretty decent… quite business-oriented, so it wasn’t in the heart of the tourist district or anything, but we were only about 6 U-Bahn (underground train) stops from Marienplatz, where the Glockenspiel is. I got pictures of yet another European tourist attraction with scaffolding on it. It happened with Eros in London many years ago, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and now the Glockenspiel in München. I mean, I’m glad they are keeping these attractions in good shape and all, but my timing seems to be a teensy bit off. The Glockenspiel was still fun to see and I took a horrible scaffolding-filled video anyway. You just gotta, you know?

Oh, and this struck me as funny. Do you see it?

Need a closer look?
Okay, so the zoom looks like crap, but here's the bike dude smoking a cigarette! It's like Colorado, man. Hike a 14er, and you'll probably see someone lighting up at the top.

We spotted the famous Hoffbrauhaus so we stuck our heads in. We weren’t really planning to eat there or anything, but this sealed the deal:

And we went to the Hard Rock Café for dinner. My husband seems to be missing American food quite a bit. I miss Mexican food, but not as much as I was expecting to. I guess I was so prepared for the possibility of not being able to find any at all that I’m delighted to have as much as I have. That said, I did order nachos for dinner. Yum. Guacamole. Even though I can make it here myself, it’s sometimes nice to have someone else do it.


Kristin said...

Yup, I saw a smoking roller blader the other day. Although those Euros are a bit different with the smoking, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for quite some time. Keep up the good entries!