Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mother's Day Score

I’ve probably joked about impending insanity before, but I think it’s really going to happen… courtesy of our neighbors. They had a party last night (largely in the backyard) until about 10pm and when everyone left they were all shouting out in front of the house (Guitarman had put Wee Laddie down in his own room because of the previous noise at the back of the house… we cannot win!) and honking their car horns when they left. And I’ve just put Wee Laddie down for his nap and they’re out on their back deck, talking loudly. And they’ve got company again. (I’m delighted for them that they have so many friends… I just wish they didn’t all have to congregate over there and keep my toddler awake.) Oh, and they’ve apparently decided that we were getting too much peace over here, as they’ve even moved the table on their deck to the end closest to us instead of the other end, where it was before today. Aargh.

Guitarman’s mom (Grandma-Nana) and one of his sisters (Aunt Kaffee) arrived today at the Nürnberg airport. Guitarman said it was even easier to pick people up there than at München. München is farther (about 1.5 hours), but has been incredibly easy to deal with so far. When I went to pick up my mom, I think I got there about 15 minutes after her plane was supposed to land, and she’d already gotten her luggage and cleared customs! Anyway, he said it’s very small, so there’s less room for potential confusion.

Wee Laddie was all revved up this morning before those two went to the airport. He was literally running in circles upstairs, saying, “Somethin’ crrrrrazy there!” over and over again. Hehehe… god, I love that kid.

Mother’s Day. Guitarman put in more effort than he often seems to. There was the jewelry from last weekend, flowers on Friday and a card this morning. It’s so nice to feel so appreciated for what I do. I need to remember to treat him well on Father’s Day, too.

Those 3 went to base while I napped Wee Laddie and Guitarman got us a grill. :) I’ve been bugging him about it recently, so we can cook healthier quick meals now that the weather is nice. Of course it took me about 3 hours to put it together (well, there was a dinner stop in there), so Guitarman cooked the burgers in a pan. Still yummy…and still really nice that he cooked.

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