Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Closings

5 pm & there's not a single grocery store open...not even on base. (For those who don’t know, stores are closed on Sundays in Germany.) I suppose, in some ways, this way of living is simpler than what I'm used to, but it's also much less efficient if you still want to accomplish the same amount of things. And I do. I think it's more of an annoyance to me now since our time is already so messed up by the nap schedule. I feel like I have so many errands/projects that simply remain undone. Will I someday feel nostalgic for the "simplicity" of this life? Maybe. But for now I would be more comfortable in my old life of convenience, of being able to run to Target after dinner (even on a Sunday), of having access to so many more projects I could be leaving undone. ;)

Sundays are pretty boring around here. Wee Laddie got up at his now-usual time of 7am, so we hopped to it so we could have breakfast at the mess hall (7-8:30am). It was too chilly for outdoor playtime, so Wee Laddie and I headed home and Guitarman went to do laundry.

We watched some “Thomas & Friends” and drew a little bit. Then off to nap… and I’m sticking to my no-whining policy, and that’s all I’ll say about that. Oh wait, our neighbors were being super noisy and woke us both up (though Wee Laddie went right back to sleep, thankfully). I don’t know what they were doing… it sounded like someone was dropping a wooden bat onto the concrete floor over and over again. I really thought about going over to talk to them in terrible German. It annoys me so much that they make that much noise… and I’m still sure they have no friggin’ idea how loud they seem to us over here.

Guitarman and Wee Laddie got some really good one-on-one time today, which is great because Guitarman is on shift tomorrow and Tuesday (he did 3 days last week plus all last weekend) so they won’t have much time together in the next couple of days.

We’re making great progress on the potty training front. I’m a little bit amazed that Wee Laddie’s taking to it so well. Minor incident tonight when Guitarman caught him stuffing the toilet with about half a roll of toilet paper. But he pooped in the potty 3 times today, all without us suggesting/asking anything! It’s funny, sometimes he’ll say to me, “Do I have a diaper on?” I’m like, “No, do you need to go potty? Did you go potty?” And he’ll say, “I have to go poop,” and go running off to the bathroom. And he’s already acting very independent about it some of the time. “Don’t look at my poop,” he’ll tell me. Or he’ll run into the bathroom and close & lock the door behind him. It’s awesome. As long as he’s not going to clog up the toilets with paper, anyway.

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