Friday, October 5, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch

Went to Laaber to have lunch with the lovely Christina and the very cute baby Oliver. We ate at the Greek place again since we knew I could get a big plate of meat with some salad there, as opposed to ordering around pasta or potatoes. (She was going to cook a Thai meal for me—rumor has it she’s quite a good cook—but it was tricky to work around the sugar avoidance.) The food was very good this time, too. Oliver is very cute and very alert & interested in everything. Much like Wee Laddie was as a tiny person. He’s sure going to keep his mama busy as he learns all about this big world! Christina seems to have eased comfortably into motherhood. (When we first met, she wasn’t so sure about the whole maternal instinct thing.)

I always feel more like a “regular” person after seeing Christina since, even though she’s American, she’s not connected with the military base. That may sound weird, but she so actively chose to live here and has integrated herself well and grown to love it here. I think we probably would have become very good friends if I were living the life I’d planned to in Germany (or at least were staying longer), rather than having 90% of my social interactions on the base with many people who don’t like it here and probably didn’t have that much choice about coming.

Today’s bonus: Christina let me pick through her maternity clothes, so I got some much-needed long-sleeved shirts. Hooray! New things to wear without shopping… doesn’t get much better than that.

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Shehla (aka DJsShally) said...

just because you are planning on leaving, doesn't mean you can't become good friends - i have had a phone relationship and internet affair with a girlfriend who i haven't seen in 6 years! i still consider her one of my best friends and she always talks to my boys and they know her as Auntie Olivette.