Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Early to Rise

Grandma-Grandma is here! Since that meant an early pickup at the airport I had to wake Wee Laddie up, which is sometimes hard to do. Not today. I told him, “We need to go pick up Grandma-Grandma at the airport.” He said, “Oh!” and popped right up.

The power went off once again while I was trying to check that Grandma-Grandma’s plane was on time. So I called the housing office. There was an issue about getting a hold of the landlord, so I called the guy from last time in the afternoon. Shortly after that two guys (I think from a different company) came. I called the other guy to tell him there was no need to come since they’d sent someone… he seemed to have a very difficult time understanding me. (I find it rather frustrating when I try to use German, and a phrase that I know to be correct, and people seem to have a very difficult time figuring out what I’m trying to say.) Anyway, they got the furnace working, apparently by re-setting it. Later in the evening, one of the guys came back by in the evening to make sure everything was still working so that we’d have heat overnight. And they say there’s no customer service in Germany!

Wee Laddie and I ate PBJs in the car on the way to the airport (1.5 hours away) and chit-chatted about moving to Colorado, and how we weren’t going to Colorado today, but Grandma-Grandma was going to visit us here and then we’ll go back there in a few months. After they come take our beds & stuff first.

We did our usual routine (Do we know how to entertain or what?) and Wee Laddie fell asleep in the car (I didn’t think he would with Grandma there, but I didn’t even have to drive any more than usual!). He didn’t nap for long, but it was much needed after getting up so early.

Oh, but look at the surprise waiting for us at the airport...

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