Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Last Day of Fun

Today I told Wee Laddie that Grandma leaves tomorrow. He hung his head down and said, “Oh, man.” Then he was snotty & upset for a little while. So I said, “Since today is Grandma-Grandma’s last day here, why don’t we have fun all day today and then we can be sad tomorrow, after she leaves.” And it actually worked! I was also sure to mention that this time it won’t be so long ‘til we see her again, and this time it’ll be in Denver and we’ll be staying there.

Guitarman and I had spotted a toddler-tough digital camera at the PXtra several weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to get him one for Christmas or his birthday, and when we saw this one we talked about that and then decided maybe we should get it before we leave so that he can take some pics of stuff here if he wants to. So Guitarman brought it home with him from work tonight. Wee Laddie was pretty stoked.

Tonight Guitarman volunteered to handle the whole evening with Wee Laddie so my mom and I could go out for dinner and have a toddler-free conversation. We went to Gasthof Zum Schwann (it’s my German teacher’s fave Bavarian-style restaurant) but they were closed for a private party. They told us we could go to Il Cigno (the Italian place where we’ve gotten pizza a few times) and get the same food as they have in their dining room. They’re sort of connected, I guess. The food was decent but the restaurant was really smoky, even though we were in a back room where nobody was smoking. I wish we’d stuck with Hotel Hirschen. Oh well. It was nice to have an adult conversation & get some time to hang out just with my mom.

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