Sunday, October 7, 2007

Diabetic Rant

Another excellent potty day. Wee Laddie seems to be getting the hang of this just fine, aside from the late-night poops. Not sure quite how to motivate him to use the potty for pooping… he still seems very uncomfortable about that.

So I know I’ve been whining a little about the diabetes diet. (I have a whole new appreciation for diabetics, especially in a country like Germany.) Last time it didn’t seem to be that big a deal. Once I figured out how many Chipotle chicken tacos I could eat, I was all set. ;) I have concluded that over here, for me at least, it means eating most meals at home as it’s very difficult to get the info you need from the food labels. You know, American food labels look like this:

German labels look like this:

So how many carbs is that per serving? How much sugar? Protein? Fiber? All things that are helpful to know when dealing with diabetes. I’m just saying.

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