Friday, January 19, 2007

Is This a Hurricane?

Kids’ Club today... 5 other mom-tot sets there. (This was actually our 2nd time there, but I was whining so much last week that I didn’t write about it. ) The kids seem to play together well. Wee Laddie really likes this German mom named Sabine. She reminds me of Rutabaga's mom in her 'anything to make this kid have fun' attitude. Her daughter’s fantastic, too… very happy & playful. This playgroup is in a gym on the base and they set out big gymnastic mats & tunnels & things. It is so good for Wee Laddie to have some serious run & climb time!

The satellite installer came to look around & see what he needs to do to get us set up. There’s apparently free German satellite TV (Astra), which I love having. Guitarman wants to sign up for AFN (Armed Forces Network) so we get some stuff in English and so we get the sports he wants to watch. I’d rather have just the German… it’d kind of force us to learn the language, you know?

Made my first trip to a local market… Netto. (I used to know a girl named Netta so it reminds me of her.) My observations: They were out of bananas. Yup, just plain sold out. No blizzard, no nothing...just sold out. Weird. Also, there were very few big loaves of bread. There were a lot of loaves that were like half or so. It must be because of all the bakeries...they must be used to having their bread really fresh.

I got some email time, thank goodness. Oh, how I miss the regular contact with my 'peeps.' It makes me crazy to just have these stolen moments online… it’s not enough time to actually accomplish anything, just enough time to make me realize how behind I’m getting!

Oh, and apparently we’re having a hurricane. A bunch of stuff on the base closed because of the wind. I went to the library. While there, the guy who works at the library went back to talk to a woman who works at the library. Here is the gist of their conversation:
Him: 'The weather is horrible. Go straight home when you leave here.'
Her: 'But I was going to stop at the store.'
Him: 'No, you need to go straight home. It’s really bad out there. Everything’s closed.'
(I’m really downplaying some of the drama.)

So a little bit after that, I go outside to go home. The weather? Perfectly freaking still. Seriously, not even a breeze.

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Lisa Jetmore said...

I guess they never lived through a real hurricane in Fla. Do they really get hurricane's in Germany?