Sunday, January 14, 2007

Feelin’ Like a Moron

We went up to one of the other furniture shops by IKEA... it’s called Hiedl. There was a discount furniture place that seemed a little lower in quality than IKEA so we didn’t get anything there. I mean, IKEA’s got good bang-for-your-buck, but if you go much lower than that on quality I think you might have some regrets. We got a rug for the living room (I was surprised that Guitarman actually was okay with a big orange rug for the living room… he’s said before that he didn’t want to have bunches of colors in the house just for the sake of having lots of colors. And we do already have a red sofa!), some childproofing things and a stroller.

I had my first official 'I’m an idiot for never becoming fluent in another language' moment. We were checking out and while Guitarman was doing VAT forms and I was confused about the German instructions we were getting on how to actually get the stroller (some stuff you can just stick in your cart, some stuff you have to have sent over from the warehouse, apparently) we forgot a bag at the counter. We got to the car and realized it was missing so I went back in to get it… it had already been sent to where we had to go to pick up the stroller. So we get there and the guy says something to me in German. I told him I don’t understand German and he just walked away. He brought over the bag and asked if it was ours (through gestures), so I said yes ('ja') and he gave me that and our stroller. It was one of those moments where you can just tell exactly how big of an idiot another person thinks you are. I hate those moments.

Wee Laddie is having a lot of trouble listening lately. Well, I suppose it’s more the doing what we want him to part that he’s really having a hard time with. I know he’s two and all so there’s that. But I also think the upheaval is taking its toll on his behavior. We’ve been doing all this furniture shopping (another factor, I’m sure, along with the fact that it’s almost never warm & dry enough to spend any time outside here) and he just takes off running through the store and won’t stay with us at all. Makes it even harder to get this shopping done.

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Lisa Jetmore said...

Should have moved to sunny Fla where you can play outside 365 days a year!! Oh well, have fun...