Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This Hotel Room Ain't Big Enough for the Two of Us

Semi-sick day. We skipped the hotel breakfast (which is pretty good, as German hotel breakfasts seem to generally be) because of excessive whining. Not by me, though I'm going to whine a bit right now. The hotel room was way too small for us today… we had a bad night’s sleep and a bad nap.

Guitarman was charged a 2nd time for a notebook he’d already bought at the PX (he told the bitchy cashier that he’d brought it in and she totally ignored him…and he’d even written in it already, not that she checked). It was less than $1 but it’s the principle, you know? I’m not sure why, but the German workers on base all seem to hate Americans. (Actually, I’ll revise that: The security people at the entry gate are nearly always nice as are most of the mess hall employees. But the people at the small offices around base are mostly pissy.)

I can totally understand why some people might not like Americans... especially Americans stationed in their country. But, really, if you feel that way, why the hell are you working on an American military base??

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