Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Love the Pigeon

Wee Laddie is in love with the Mo Willems book ('Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus') that the Baileys got him for his birthday. It’s such a fantastic book! And at the end of every page where he’s supposed to tell the pigeon, 'No,' he responds with an enthusiastic, 'Yah!' He’s also embraced a few lines from the book: 'No fair' and 'Five bucks.' He’s wanted to read this book 4 nights in a row now. (This began the very evening after I’d talked at the EFMP playgroup about how he’ll only let me read him an actual story about once a month.)

Went to the Möbelhof to look for dishes. Didn’t find any there that I really liked (that were also IKEA cheap), but I found some fabric for a curtain for the upstairs bathroom and a German-English dictionary. It seems very funny because it says, 'Englisch' in big letters on the side, which normally wouldn’t bode well for an English dictionary.

Had my first moment of real homesickness today when Wee Laddie was saying, 'Aunt Tam house, Grandma house.' I miss them.

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