Thursday, January 25, 2007

Feels Like Bavaria

Had our first Bavarian snow today. (Actually, the first snow in the area this winter, as well.) 5.5 inches in our backyard and no shovel ‘til evening. (Neither of us had thought to buy one before now.)

We had to go back to the ID office for SOFA cards ('Status of Forces Agreement,' which does something about easier access in & out of the country… it’s like saying that we’re as crucial as military even though we’re not) then went to the car registration office to get my name added onto the car now that I passed the drivers’ license test. The woman working there had total bed-head. There’s something sort of freeing about living in a country where it’s socially acceptable to turn up for work without even brushing your hair.

Went shopping for boots in Parsberg (a bit of a trick since we have no phone book and I didn’t know where any shoe stores were) but no luck. Did find some boots, just none that seemed practical, really. And the 'fashion' ones were a little too frou-frou for my tastes… too many knit trims and tassels.

Guitarman’s car was supposed to be ready today, but Peter was working on Charlie’s (Guitarman’s coworker) CD player, so it won’t be ready ‘til tomorrow.

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