Saturday, January 6, 2007

This Ain’t Hollywood

Wee Laddie had his 2nd celebrity sighting at breakfast this morning. (His 1st was Buddy Guy—here's a picture of them—from a trip to the airport with Guitarman last year).

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Wee Laddie was talking at breakfast to a guy with really cool dreads and it turns out he was on Wilmer Valderrama’s crew. Wilmer showed up a little later. He was very quiet, only said about 2 sentences. Hence, no picture. Oh yeah, plus it was one of the few times I didn't have my camera with me. Of course. I'll catch it the next time we have breakfast with Wilmer.

After breakfast, we took a short walk in Hörmannsdorf. We didn’t go far…not that there is a 'far' here. At least not without leaving town. All the houses here have these cool roller shade things outside all the windows. You pull a strap on the wall to open and close them and you can have them closed with a little light coming through or you can shut them down tight, in which case they are very good room darkeners. I have no idea what they’re called, but they’re very cool. The big one in our hotel is motorized. So you don’t strain yourself, I guess.

Guitarman also saw some of the 'Yo Momma' crew at breakfast. He said a guy walked over and took the lid off of one of the pans and said, 'Oh, god. Another sausage.' Welcome to Germany, dude.

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