Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where the Hell Are We?

Went to the base at Vilseck (where my friend Kerri’s friend lives) today (an hour or so away). Vilseck is a very cute, quaint town so it was kind of a fun drive. This area in general is quite pretty. Not in that breathtaking way that Colorado is but in a gentle, rolling hills kind of way. The villages are picturesque, I think largely because the houses all seem to belong together… not all look-alikes like some areas in Denver (I won’t name them now that I’m in real estate, but you Denverites know the ones I mean), but there are certain colors that they all seem to use (white, yellows, sort of pale oranges) and the houses are all of a similar style. Somehow it comes off not as boring or mundane but as picturesque and charming.

The base at Vilseck is much bigger, like Würzburg (I think Würzburg is actually a bit larger but I’m not sure). Everything’s open later, too… Guitarman said the first time he visited one of those bases, he was like, 'Man, why are we stuck slumming it in Hohenfels?' I guess Hohenfels is different ‘cause much of the population there is transient. They just come in for a few weeks or whatever of training and then they’re gone. The permanent population must be pretty small.

Wee Laddie was busy flirting with a table full of women (plus one hubby) that were next to us. They just thought he was great. Not that I’m pretending he’s not an enormous flirt (which he absolutely is), but the real reason he was interested in them in the first place is that he thought one of the women looked like his Aunt Tam.

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