Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sick Day at Hotel Yogurt

Wee Laddie was sick today... he slept nearly all day. He was feverish, shaking, not eating, sleeping in fits & starts (woke once crying out, 'Blueberry! Crackers!'). Poor little guy!

He wouldn't sleep without me holding him, of course, so I was virtually trapped in bed all day. I read part of the drivers’ license manual (we have to get a special license to be able to drive cars here under the agreement Guitarman’s on) and a few Truman Capote short stories and knitted.

Guitarman looked at a house this afternoon and then we all went to see one in Parsberg (it was hard for me to really check it out, though, ‘cause Wee Laddie was pretty much crying the whole time and I was trying to keep him quiet so Guitarman could talk to the landlord). Guitarman really liked it so we’ll probably rent it since he’s got a better idea than I do of what else is available. And we're both pretty anxious to get out of the hotel even though I haven't even been here a week yet.

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