Monday, January 15, 2007

Strykers & Ugly Furniture (One to Take Care of the Other?)

Had brunch at one of the mess halls. The mess hall meals are usually pretty good and always cheap (basically an all-you-can-eat, although you only get one main dish, for $3.65), so we’ve been eating there a lot. The downside is that it’s easy to overdo on semi-decadent foods that you usually avoid (biscuits, bacon, etc.). And it’s easy to overeat in general, just because it’s there and pretty yummy and I hate to waste food. Gotta work on letting that go so I don’t gain more weight again!

Went to Vilseck again today to check out the furniture store there. First ugly furniture I’ve seen in Germany. It’s that big, over-sized, overly-ornate stuff that I just don’t like. (Please, if you like that stuff, don’t be offended. I realize it has its place… that place just isn't anywhere in my house.) There was like one sofa and chair in the whole place that would go with our stuff, but that’s not what we need.

To get to Vilseck, we went out the back side of the base. That means you go through some of the training areas where they have tank crossings along the road & stuff. They do some blackout night training there, so at night you’re supposed to stop & listen for the tanks since they may be coming along with all their lights off. Guitarman was talking about how some people have never seen any vehicles out there so they kind of get careless about stopping at all the yield signs. (Yeah, yield doesn’t mean stop, but wouldn’t ya hate to have a tank run you over ‘cause you didn’t want to take the time to do a full-on stop?) Anyway, we’d just passed this yard thingy where they maybe store tanks (we don’t know what all the stuff is on base) and 3 of the Stryker vehicles went right by us. Wow, are those things quiet! We’d never have noticed them (they did have all their lights off) if I hadn’t happened to look over in their direction (they were on a road next to the main road). We also saw a few Hummers driving along another road. Kind of weird to be here, driving on by on our way from dinner (we ate at the bowling alley), while the military is out here training. Apparently they have fake towns on base and they hire locals to interact with the soldiers & stuff. Interesting.

I finally finished putting the bed together and got the 2 baby gates put up. We’re going to see how it goes to not block off the stairs from the main floor going upstairs… hoping that Wee Laddie won’t go up far enough on his own that he’ll fall down. (I’m sure some people are wondering why we still need gates for him. I’ll tell ya, this child does not pay enough attention to what he’s doing. Sometimes, he’ll nearly fall down the stairs even with me holding his hand!)

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