Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Need My ID NOW!!

Went to the ID office today. For some reason, our first IDs had a very short lifespan and we’ve been getting reminders every day from the security guards at the base entrances. Anyway, about 2/3 of the ID office staff has been deployed so they are desperately unable to keep up. Guitarman had an 11:20 appt...we didn’t even get in until an hour after that (and then had to wait outside a while, mid-appointment, for one woman to come back from lunch).

After we’d gotten kicked out for a bit there was this other civilian woman who was being really aggressive about her 1:00 appt. (Rather like a boss I used to have. Those of you who know her will know who I’m talking about.) She just kept talking about her 1pm appt and was trying to physically work her way in front of me, all the while acting friendly to me. I seriously wanted to smack her. You know, I would have gladly let any one of the soldiers jump in front of me in line, but I was NOT going to budge for this woman who isn’t fighting for our country, and whose appointment was much later than ours, and who didn't have a small child in tow. If anybody’s going to get preferential treatment, it ought to be the men & women who are out there fighting so that the rest of us don’t have to.

Anyway, that whole thing took so long that by the time we ate lunch, Wee Laddie & I went to the store for drill bits, I finished reversing the door of our fridge and got Wee Laddie tucked in for his very late nap, there wasn’t even time to go to the grocery store! Luckily, Guitarman picked up a pizza, so we had a mellow dinner at home.

Guitarman also tucked Wee Laddie in for bed so I could study for my drivers’ license test. The rental car goes back on Friday (it’s ridiculously expensive so we don’t want to keep it any longer) so I need to hurry and get the USAREUR license so I can drive Guitarman's car ‘til we get another one. (There’s not adequate public transportation here to/from the places we go.)

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